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Work Like a Dog!

There are many fun pet related days to celebrate throughout the year and August 5th is work like a dog day! This day was inspired by the phrase working like a dog and dedicated to the many dogs with jobs in the world. It can also be used to honor the many people who are hard working individuals willing to go the extra mile. At Animal Care of Gloucester we are so very thankful for every hardworking member of our staff, who are always willing to work like a dog!

We would love to hear from you about your dog that has a job and works like a dog everyday! Or if you have a special thank you for a member of our staff, let us know on our Facebook!

If you need to schedule an appointment for your hardworking, working dog give us a call at 804-642-5740.

Make sure all you working dogs and people who work like dogs, get some much needed R&R!

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