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August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month!

No one ever wants their best friend to be miserable and constant itching can definitely make you and your dog feel that way!

Skin-related issues are the top four reasons pet owners bring their dogs in for veterinary visits, including skin allergies, ear infections, skin lumps/bumps and skin infections. Symptoms can be difficult to discern from “normal” dog behavior. Concerned your pup itching, head to take the Itch Quiz.

Frequent itching and scratching in dogs are most commonly caused by infection, parasites or allergies to fleas, food or environmental allergens. The good news is your veterinarian can discuss treatment options for itching, as long-term solutions are available for most dogs.

If your pet is showing signs of itch, call us today at 804-642-5740 to get an appointment scheduled.

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