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August 8th is International Cat Day!


More than four-in-ten people surveyed own at least one cat! 43% of these cat owners have more than one!!

A quarter of people surveyed stated that their cat is their best friend.


  1. We love all living beings: Special days like this show off that as humans, we do love all living beings and highlight those of us that think kitties are extra special!

  2. A lovely reminder: It’s easy to get the idea that we are the most important beings on the planet, but as a lovely reminder: we are not alone so we need to respect the other beings' rights and do our part-starting with our pets.

  3. Fuzzy stress relievers: It is scientifically proven that Cats help to improve mental health as stress relievers just by being themselves! Petting a fuzzy feline can cause our bodies to produce stress-reducing hormones.

Need to schedule an appointment for your fancy feline, we would love to see them! Give us a call today at 804-642-5740.

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